Community Activities in Polokwane, Limpopo

Monday, 26 November 2018
  Professor Baba traditional hearer
Professor Baba is Africa's most powerful traditional healer who can heal any disease or illness, I…
Limpopo › Polokwane
USD 100
Friday, 20 October 2017
Wanna have multilple orgasms? Shaking and vibrating orgams? Let me eat your pussy till you tap out…
Limpopo › Polokwane
R 50
Thursday, 12 January 2017
  Our Bonsmara cows and gaot are ready now
Limpopo › Polokwane
R 4,500
Wednesday, 29 June 2016
    Add GOLD to your financial situation
There is a way for anybody to exchange their paper money for affordable gold which can be used to…
Limpopo › Polokwane
Saturday, 3 October 2015
    How to get your exlover back
This is my testimony about the good work of a man who helped me.My name is Tracy Adams, and I base…
Limpopo › Polokwane
R 10,000
Tuesday, 28 May 2013
  Crafts & Hobbies
Have you ever felt that you don't have enough knowledge to do any crafts and hobbies or that you…
Limpopo › Polokwane
R 150
Tuesday, 8 January 2013
    Donation for matlala youth projects
We humbly asking for donation that will be able to help youth projects of ga -matlala rural…
Limpopo › Polokwane
R 1